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'Gourmet by Sally Rae' coming soon to a cookbook shelf near you!

Cookbook Overview

'Gourmet by Sally Rae', Sally's upcoming cookbook, consists of 66 food columns previously published in Denman Island's 'The Flagstone'. Each column includes an informative introduction pertaining to the main ingredient. Also included are gardening tips on how to best harvest, prepare and store seasonal fruits and vegetables in support of seasonal recipes for the garden harvest.

Other helpful tips include:

  •  what to look for when purchasing vegetables, fruit and meats
  •  how to prepare for freezing and drying
  •  cooking charts for featured meats and the best use for various cuts
  •  descriptions of various cuts of meats for informed orders from your butcher
  •  food safe preparation, serving and storage information
  •  a brief history and manufacturing process of chocolate including
  •  'tempering' and working with chocolate
  •  edible flowers, recipes plus how to harvest and store for culinary use
  •  recipes and tips for one and two servings
  •  ethnic celebration recipes and history (Chinese, Ukrainian, Austrian and Hawaiian )
  •  menu planning, recipes and entertaining tips for special occasions

    -  Children's Parties
    -  Valentine's Day
    -  Mother's Day
    -  Wedding Receptions
    -  Halloween
    -  Christmas
    -  New Year's
  •  cooking tips and food safe required temperatures
  •  basic recipes made from scratch to accommodate diet restrictions
  •  tips and time saving techniques for quick meals
  •  fast and made ahead desserts and hors d'oeuvres
  •  family heritage recipes
  •  gourmet and decadent recipes for the more adventurous cook
  •  home-baked gifts from your kitchen

'Gourmet by Sally Rae' comes complete with an Alphabetical Recipe Title Index and a Category Index provided for a more user friendly reference.

'Gourmet by Sally Rae' coming soon to a cookbook shelf near you!