Meet the Chef

Sally RaeHi, I'm Sally Rae Dyck also known as Gourmet by Sally Rae. Under this name I retail a packaged food product line. I teach specialty cooking classes and have written a monthly food column for our local Denman Island publication The Flagstone from March 2000 to December 2013.

Now available is my cookbook entitled "For the Love of Food" a compilation of my columns previously published in The Flagstone.

For more information check out the Sally's Cookbook page of my website.

Bon Appetit!

              ------Sally Rae Dyck



Sally Rae has been a Certified Professional Cook since 1979 and was awarded her Red Seal Qualification in March 1981. While training at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, she graduated with an Honors Diploma and was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Advanced Education and Manpower, the Queen Elizabeth Prize for academic achievement and the Victor T. Wright Memorial Scholarship for First and Second Year outstanding student in the Pastry Department. While at N.A.I.T., Sally was invited to lend her cooking skills to professional events catered by instructor Eric Brooks’ catering company, as well as the cooking department’s ‘Club Culinaire.’

Sally has lived on Denman Island since 1990 and, from April 1994 through May 1997, was an Associate Member of North Vancouver Island Chef’s Association. Her packaged food product line through Gourmet by Sally Rae is for sale on Denman Island through the Denman Island Craft Shop. Sally has taught specialty cooking classes in Courtenay, Langley, and on Denman Island. She has provided in-home catering services and custom wedding cakes to wedding parties on Denman Island, in Courtenay, Langley and North Vancouver.


Like many full-time residents of Denman Island, Sally grows an organic vegetable garden that supplies her with fresh produce twelve months of the year. Growing up in Alberta, she had the opportunity to learn valuable lessons in gardening, harvesting, storing and preparing seasonal fresh food from the family business. Wallish Greenhouses, founded by her maternal grandparents John and Sally Wallish, has supplied fresh produce to the Edmonton area since 1919.

Sally’s food column, originally titled ‘What’s Cooking’ then called ‘Gourmet by Sally Rae,’ began publication as a two-page column for Denman Island’s The Flagstone in March of 2000. The Flagstone is distributed to Denman Island and is available locally for purchase. Off-island subscriptions of The Flagstone monthly reach their avid Canadian readership in B.C., Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and the Yukon, as well as across the U.S. in California, Washington state, Oregon, Texas and New Mexico. Sally's column in the Flagstone has announced the launch of her cookbook 'For the Love of Food - seasonal recipes for every palate and every occasion'.

Now Available: Gourmet by Sally Rae presents:
seasonal recipes for every palate and every occasion



  • Associate member North Vancouver Island Chef’s Association April 1994 thru May 1997
  • Awarded Red Seal Qualification March 1981
  • Certified Professional Cook since 1979
  • Trained at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology


  • Comox Valley Chocolate Extravaganza, May 1997 - 1st. Place - Chocolate Truffles
  • Victor T. Wright Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Student Second Year Pastry Department
  • Victor T. Wright Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Student First Year Pastry Department
  • Queen Elizabeth Prize for Academic Achievement
  • Minister of Advanced Education and Manpower Certificate of Merit
  • Graduated N.A.I.T. with Honors Diploma